About Us

The Closure Planning Practitioners Association is a not for profit association based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our Vision

The Closure Planning Practitioners Association Incorporated (CPPA) seeks to promote global leading practice skills in closure within Australia by representing and engaging with closure planning practitioners to develop and build professional capacity.

Our Rules

The CPPA is incorporated under the Western Australia Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (Section 10). Our Rules of Association outline how we operate and conduct ourselves in accordance with the Act.

Our Goals

  • Establish a forum for networking and knowledge sharing amongst closure planning practitioners.

  • Raise the profile of closure planning practitioners within the energy and resources sector.

  • Set the standard for closure planning as a professional discipline within the energy and resources sector.

CPPA Committee

  • Chairman – Darren Murphy
  • Deputy Chairman – Johan DuPlooy
  • Treasurer – Donna Pershke
  • Secretary – Renee Eaton
  • Registrar – Dan Machin
  • Committee – Travis Warren,
  • Committee - Phillipe Garneau

Technical Subcommittee

  • Chair – Peter Elliott

  • Members – Cathy Galli, Paul Timmins, Chantal Latham, Tim Rohde, Erich Heymann

Governance and Communications Sub-Committee

  • Chair – Donna Pershke

  • Members – Darren Murphy, Dan Machin, Jessica Li, Johan DuPlooy

Professional Development Subcommittee

  • Chair – Jonathon Crosbie

  • Members – Jono Sanders, Darren Murphy, Tara Read, Peter Waters, Jeremy Durbin

East Coast & SA Networking Subcommittee

  • Chair - Michael McLeary

  • Members - Ingrid Meek, Andrew Hutton, Tim Rohde, Jon Crosbie, Karan Jain, Jono Sanders

West Coast & NT Networking Subcommittee

  • Chair - Chantal Latham

  • Members - Dan Machin, Bec Getty, Trudy Worthington