Frequently Asked Questions

CPPA Membership

CPPA's annual membership fee for an Ordinary member are provided in the following link:

For those who do not wish to become financial members, but who would like to be advised about upcoming presentations and events via email, you can become a Corresponding member for free.

Becoming an Ordinary member with the CPPA gives you:

  • Free access to all technical presentation events (approximately 12 per year) [Ticket costs to attend technical presentations for non-members is presented here:]
  • Access to the back catalogue of presentations and recordings in the Knowledge Hub
  • Free attendance at networking or social events (Note: these are generally based in Brisbane or Perth)


 You can join or renew your CPPA membership through the following link: Membership (

 No problem! You can restart your CPPA membership anytime.

CPPA Account

 You can reset your CPPA account password anytime through the CPPA Login page

 You can update your email address attached to your CPPA account anytime through your 'My Account'. See the drop down menu on the top right hand side of the website

 Download the Member Jungle app through your Google Play or Apple App Store!

Instructions on how to access the CPPA page through the Member Jungle app are located here: Download CPPA Mobile App

 Technical Presentations and Webinars

The CPPA generally runs one technical presentation per month

 Yes, our technical presentations are recorded and available for Ordinary members to view via the Knowledge Hub. If you would like access to the Knowledge Hub, please consider becoming a Member.  

 Tickets to technical presentations are $20 for non-members

Joining the CPPA committee or subcommittee

There are opportunities to join either the CPPA committee or one of our subcommittees! 

CPPA committee members are voted in annually, you can nominate to become a committee member ahead of our annual AGM at the start of each financial year. 

We accept all nominations for our subcommittees, these are also confirmed at our annual AGM. 

See our current CPPA committee members in the following link: 



The CPPA AGM is held annually, generally in August. The CPPA team will notify all members of upcoming AGMs by email.

You can find our previous CPPA AGM minutes and presentations on our Governance Page: Governance (


Read more about CPPA's corporate sponsorshop opportunities in the following link:

CPPA offers several opportunities throughout the year for companies to sponsor specific sundowner or networking events.  Please click here for details or contact the CPPA Treasurer through the following link: Contact Us