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Aug 23

Approach to Pit Lake Water Modelling - An Overview

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Date & Time
23 August 2023 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
(UTC+08:00) Australia/Perth

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Topic Presenter: Terry Harck – Principal Hydrogeochemist, Hydro Geochem Group

Date: 23rd August 2023

Time: 12:30 to 13:30 (Australian Western Standard Time)

Presentation Overview:  

Management of mine voids is a key issue for closure planners and subject matter experts advising the closure planning process. The formation of pit lakes is a particular challenge to closure planning, and modelling of pit lakes systems to inform planning has become commonplace. A well formulated model is one item in the environmental and closure planning toolkit. This presentation provides an overview of pit lake modelling with a minimum of technical jargon and a focus on the process of developing a model and how to consider the model results. 

The presentation includes:

  • Introduction to pit lake modelling objectives and concepts.
  • Modelling approach – How site contextual information and data are transformed into predictions and how those predictions can be applied to site planning.
  • Uncertainty – Understanding the limitations of pit lake models.
  • Time-Cost-Quality considerations around pit lake modelling projects.

Presenter profile:

TH_headshot_May2022Terry Harck (M.Sc Geology, M.Sc Environmental Geochemistry) is a Principal Hydrogeochemist with Hydro Geochem Group, part of the Green Road group of companies. For over 30 years, Terry has been combining geochemistry and hydrogeology for the benefit of mining clients. 

Terry started his career as a hydrogeologist on rural water supply projects. After completing his second M.Sc. degree, he became involved with environmental geochemistry and the potential water quality impacts related to mining. This has led to his involvement as a technical resource and subject matter expert in environmental impact assessments, mine feasibility studies, geochemical characterisations, risk assessments, and plans for managing mining disturbed and processed materials. 

He has conducted and contributed to pit lake water quality modelling projects at mine sites in Southern Africa and Australia. Terry was manager and lead of a team of hydrogeochemical specialists in a global environmental consultancy before running his own consulting business. 

Terry has a talent for communicating technical information clearly and concisely, which has led to him facilitating technical report writing courses and lecturing postgraduate students on hydrogeochemistry.

Green Road is a group of companies with common values and aspirations that provide simple, creative, and sustainable solutions to the resources industry. To date, Green Road includes Mine Waste Management a specialist environmental geochemistry consultancy, Hydro Geochem Group, a dedicated hydrogeochemistry and hydrogeology business, Resource Stack, a sample management and storage service provider, and Mine Closure Management, a technical mine closure consultancy.

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