Looking for information that can help your professional development as a closure planner?

21st February 2022

Check out CPPA’s great new competency self-assessment tool which is available to Associate and Ordinary members (you will need to login to access it).  

Last year the CPPA developed a CPPA Competency Framework to provide closure planners with guidance toward achieving a common level of proficiency and experience within the specialised practice of closure planning.  This year the Professional Development Committee has developed a self assessment tool that not only enables you to get a snapshot of what your strengths and weaknesses are (Figure 1), it also:

  • Provides information on the range of resources available to help you develop your closure planning skills (Figure 2).
  • Helps you to plan how you would like your career to develop by enabling you to outline what proficiency you would like to obtain in the next 1 to 5 years.

Whether you are new to closure planning or are very experienced, the tool can be used to facilitate a structured and objective assessment of opportunities for further professional development. 

The committee members have discussed the tool and agreed that it provides a great basis for a conversation between managers and their team members.  Several of us have tested the tool and agreed that it has challenged us to develop more in certain areas.

If you use the tool, we would love to hear your feedback either via comments on our LinkedIn post or to admin@CPPA.asn.au.  

Figure 1 Self-Assessment Summary (Technical Aspects)

Self Assessment Tool Fig 1


Figure 2 Professional Development Options Snapshot

Self Assessment Tool Fig 2

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