CPPA 2023 AGM Wrap Up

26th August 2023
By Darren Murphy

The CPPA has now entered its sixth year of existence following the 2023 Annual General Meeting. The meeting was a hybrid event with eleven members gathering in Perth and six members gathering in Brisbane. With a further eight members online this was a great turnout. Attendees in Brisbane and Perth gathered before and after the AGM to celebrate another year and catch up with each other. Many thanks to both BHP and Worley for hosting the meetings. 


CPPA members attending the AGM in Perth

Reports from the Treasurer and Registrar advised the meeting that the CPPA is in a healthy position with respect to surplus budget and membership. This bears well for the recommendations from the Professional Development Subcommittee which were endorsed by attending members. This will see the CPPA now embark on a journey to develop a professional development framework including elements of continuous professional development, learning management, competency-based certification, and event-based mentoring. This is a journey that will take up to ten years so is a big step in our evolution. Discussion papers for the professional development and mentoring frameworks are available on the CPPA website. 

Professional Development Discussion Paper

Mentoring Discussion Paper

A highlight for the AGM was advice from the Professional Development Subcommittee that a submission had been made to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). If successful, this will see closure planning recognised formally as an emerging occupation. Just imagine being able to put closure planning on your Australian Census form in the coming years. A copy of the submission is also available on the CPPA website. 

ANSCO Submission



CPPA members attending the AGM in Brisbane

To close out the AGM, the great work of the Committee and subcommittee members was applauded by all attendee prior to the all-important committee voting. With a record number of nominees, the voting eventually saw Travis Warren elected as the incoming Deputy Chairperson, and Dan Machin returned as Registrar, along with Kylie McKay and Antonia Scrase successful in their nominations for ordinary membership of the Committee. We thank outgoing committee members Johan Du Plooy and Phillipe Garneaux for the support and efforts.

We also had a record number of members put their hand up to join the subcommittees, with all nominees accepted (of course). Given that the subcommittees are where the real work gets done this will ensure another great year of progress toward fulfilment of our Strategic Plan. 

Your sincerely 

Darren Murphy 

CPPA Chairperson 

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